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Whether you are looking to enter a new market, or looking to expand your current business, Dr2 Consultants is your trusted partner in Sino-European business relations. We provide two-way services: Market entry and business development services for European organizations investing in China, and public affairs and market entry support to Chinese organizations investing in Europe.

Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience in building networks and creating opportunities in the “New Economy” – mainly in digital and sustainability sectors. Our clients range from multinational companies to SMEs, to governments and associations. From organizing your exploration trip, finding partners, advising on rules and regulations, to managing stakeholder relations, our team takes care of your interests overseas.

Market Research

Connecting to knowledge

A successful business venture starts with access to relevant intelligence. Our strategic insights help you make the right choices.

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Opportunity Creation

Connecting to partners and projects

Leveraging our network will bring your business to the next level. We connect you with trustworthy business partners and high-potential clients.

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Public Affairs

Connecting to government

To us, public affairs is more than political advocacy. Dr2 Consultants helps you align with policy and public-private initiatives to advance your business interests.

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eDai-eTu Sino-European E-commerce Knowledge Platform Connecting China and Europe

eDai-eTu is Dr Consultants’ Sino-European E-commerce Knowledge Platform. Our official knowledge platform is developed for the Chinese market, to serve as a starting point focusing on providing valuable insights into e-commerce trends and developments in the different European countries.


1. Understanding

Your current situation

Determine the start of your journey to Europe by testing your knowledge. Our platform will provide the basic insights required for you to find the way.


2. Preparing

Your expansion needs

A successful business venture to Europe starts with access to relevant intelligence. Our expertise will help you bring your business to the next level.


3. Developing

Your network for expansion

How you enter Europe and establish your network will determine your success. We help you connect with the right stakeholders to make sure you have the right foundation.


4. Strengthening

Your influence in public affairs 

How you choose to conduct and integrate your business in Europe wll determine your influence in public affairs. We help you align with policy and public-private initiatives to advance your business interests.






NGOs / Education


Frans van Drimmelen


Founder and Senior Advisor

“I want to teach our clients how to behave in civil and political society. For this I hand them – in fisherman’s terms – the rod to do so”

Marieke van der Werf


Partner and Senior Advisor

“Always looking for the connection between the interests of the organization and the realization of a sustainable society”

Stefanie Ros



“Business objectives are universal, but methods vary greatly between China and Europe. I enjoy building intercultural bridges to ensure my clients quickly arrive at concrete results.”

Li-Xiong Chu


Senior Advisor

“Doing cross-border business means understanding cultural differences. It is great to act as a communication liaison for clients to help overcome any boundaries”.

Tiffany Zhang


Junior Advisor

"Business and technology develops quickly every day. I want my clients to be ahead of others, so I’m willing to think in advance and find the best partners for their business".

Our team


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