Connecting China with the World – Building bridges through Sustainability 

The ambitious Sustainable Development Goals by the UN can only be realized globally. Within the Dr2 Network, it is our strong belief that establishing strong connections lies at the foundation of this. Building bridges through mutual understanding and international cooperation.

China will have an important role in creating a more sustainable future globally because of its sheer size in terms of population, production, consumption, energy use, carbon footprint, etc. Global success will depend significantly on successes achieved in China and working with China internationally.

China’s Sustainability Goals

Eradicating poverty and hunger is a strong focus on the political agenda realized through targeted measures to alleviate and eliminate poverty, and enhancing agricultural production capacities and food security. Implementing innovation-driven development strategies and generating momentum for sustainable, healthy and stable economic growth. China’s Sustainability Goals encompasses the SDG’s in building this ‘New Economy’ through:

  • Reducing Poverty
  • Climate Change & Energy Transition
  • Innovation & Technology – The Digital Economy
  • International Cooperation


Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience in building networks and creating opportunities in this “New Economy”. Our clients range from multinational companies to SMEs, to governments and associations. From organizing your exploration trip, finding partners, advising on rules and regulations, to managing stakeholder relations, our team takes care of your interests overseas.

Information Services

Connecting to knowledge

A successful business venture starts with access to relevant intelligence. Our strategic insights help you make sustainable choices.

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Matchmaking Services

Connecting to partners and projects

Leveraging our network will bring your business to the next level. We connect you with sustainable  business partners and high-potential clients.

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Support Services

Connecting to execution

Practical implementation guidance on market entry execution. We facilitate a ‘soft-landing’ as your sustainable China agent.

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NGOs / Education


Marieke van der Werf


Partner and Senior Advisor

“Always looking for the connection between the interests of the organization and the realization of a sustainable society”

Stefanie Ros



“Business objectives are universal, but methods vary greatly between China and Europe. I enjoy building intercultural bridges to ensure my clients q...

Li-Xiong Chu



“Doing cross-border business means understanding cultural differences. It is great to act as a communication liaison for clients to help overcome an...

Tiffany Zhang


Junior Advisor

"Business and technology develops quickly every day. I want my clients to be ahead of others, so I’m willing to think in advance and find the best p...

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