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Marieke van der Werf

“Always looking for the connection between the interests of the organization and the realization of a sustainable society”

Marieke van der Werf (1959) is partner and senior advisor at Dröge & van Drimmelen (Dr2). In her advisory work she focuses on sustainability and energy. Next to this, Marieke is director of Dr2 New Economy. Dr2 New Economy helps organizations to develop a vision and strategies for the transition to the new economy. In this role Marieke is figurehead circular economy for the Province of Flevoland, and project leader at the North Sea Energy Challenge. From January 2011 until September 2012 Marieke had a seat in the Dutch Parliament on behalf of the Christian Democrat party. Her portfolio consisted of the sustainable development, energy, and culture policy areas.

Currently Marieke is a member of the Advisory Council of NUDGE and ACRES and a member of the Supervisory Board of Social Enterprises Lab and the Dutch Nature & Environment Foundation. Earlier she was the owner of MW Advisory Group. In this role she advised companies on how to achieve green growth. During this time Marieke was also acting director of the Dutch National Landscape Management Organization. Moreover, she was an advisor to the government on energy policy.

In 1996 her book “Communication on the Green Market” was published, and in 2009 the publication “Cradle to Cradle in Business”. Lastly, Marieke is also a speaker for the Speakers Academy.

Marieke van der Werf
Partner and Senior Advisor
+31 (0)70 392 0212

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