About us

Tiffany Zhang

"Business and technology develops quickly every day. I want my clients to be ahead of others, so I’m willing to think in advance and find the best partners for their business".

Tiffany became a part of Dr2 Consultants Shanghai in 2019. She has been interested in business since she was a student and has been deeply involved in programs between Chinese and European universities. Tiffany also worked for an online travel organization which brought her a better understanding of doing cross-border business, and especially e-commerce.

Tiffany is a native Chinese and a fluent English speaker. She is passionate about everything related to international business which allows her more possibilities in her career.

Our Team

Frans van Drimmelen
Founder and Senior Advisor

Marieke van der Werf
Partner and Senior Advisor

Stefanie Ros

Li-Xiong Chu
Senior Advisor

Tiffany Zhang
Junior Advisor

Collin Frazey
Project Assistant

Jojo Yang
Project Assistant