How to increase consumer trust globally? The relevance of for online shops

With China’s e-commerce market (cross border and domestic) realizing double-digit growth rates every year, it also provides a lot of opportunists the chance to use e-commerce channels to scam people.

From research done by Ecommerce Foundation with and, it is apparent that usually the more confident the consumer is the more likely it is they will experience being scammed online in one way or the other. In addition, the amount of experience in online shopping will have a strong impact on vulnerability towards being scammed. Those with little online shopping experience fall more easily for scams (51%) compared to those that shop online on a regular basis (25%).

An online scammer will need to register a domain name and hosts its online shop in order to do its shady business. Based on the analysis of 65 million websites globally, we can determine which hosting providers and registrars support the most websites with a low trust score.


Registrar* Country Total # of IP’s Unique IP’s Bad IP’s % Bad IP’s Avg. Trust Rating
Chengdu west dimension digital China 1113 643 937 84% 9
West263 International Hong Kong 3033 2187 2148 71% 17
Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology China 3730 2565 1978 53% 31
Guangzhou Ehost China 1760 1148 921 52% 30
Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Development China 15116 7976 7562 50% 29
Xiamen Nawang Technology China 1119 939 558 50% 25
Reg.Ru Russia 11405 5770 5089 45% 35 China 33401 17917 13722 41% 38

*Registering a domain always involves a registrant, registrar and registry. Registrars sell different domain names to companies or private persons, the registrant. Usually, no authentication is required besides an email address and a (fake) address.


The data will not be very helpful for Chinese online shops operating abroad, as the consumer perspective is that a lot of these online shops are not very reliable, to say the very least. Consumer are not sure whether they can trust to shop on these online shops and are afraid they cannot turn to anyone in case of any after sales issues.

In the end, the trust of consumers regarding online shopping will affect your online sales. Especially in Western society, where consumers are very conscious about privacy and safe online payment concerns, being supported with a global Ecommerce Trustmark will be helpful.

The Safe.Shop trustmark has been created for you. Safe.Shop allows you to shop online with confidence around the world. We certify online shops according to the Global Code of Conduct which means that you know exactly what your rights are when you see the Safe.Shop trustmark. Found yourself on a store you haven’t visited before? Check how safe it is on Safe.Shop before making a purchase.


The benefits of and its The Global Ecommerce Trustmark include:

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Would you like to apply for a trustmark for your online shop? Would you like to know where to find shops with trustmark? Would you like to know more on how relevant The Global Ecommerce Trustmark is for your business?

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