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Wat overheden niet lukt, doet de groene energiesector in China en Europa allang29 November 2021


A global business case for the energy transition through public affairs10 November 2021


Scammers are Winning: € 41.3 ($ 47.8) Billion lost in Scams, up 15%22 October 2021


Dr2 White-paper: ‘Time to enter Chinese cosmetics market WITHOUT ANIMAL TESTING’2 July 2021

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Helping China’s food waste problem23 June 2021


Read our latest Fit for 55 policy update in which we sum up the most important latest developments and focus on the leaked drafts of upcoming gas and methane legislation 👉

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We are looking for a highly motivated Dutch-speaking trainee to assist our team! Read the details here and apply no later than 1 December 👉

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Our team at Dr2 Consultants analyzed the success of the COP26 conference, which brought together 190 countries and over 30,000 delegates in hope to adopt an ambitious plan to limit global warming.

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