Dr2 White-paper: ‘Time to enter Chinese cosmetics market WITHOUT ANIMAL TESTING’2 July 2021

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Helping China’s food waste problem23 June 2021


Dr2 White-paper: ‘The Rise of Live Commerce in China, how will the West follow?’9 April 2021


March 8 CN-EU Online Session: Opportunities & Strategic Implications26 February 2021


e-Waste, a valuable circular mine field for CN-EU collaboration8 February 2021


Read this week's Fit for 55 policy update in which we sum up the most important developments of the past week and deep dive into the revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive 👉

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Today, @EU_Commission President @vonderleyen
delivered her #SOTEU2021.
Read about what to expect from a #greener and more #digital Europe in our Blogpost here 👇

In #EPlenary today, @EU_Commission President @vonderleyen reiterates her call to deliver on EU climate ambitions with the #EUGreenDeal & #FitFor55 in her #SOTEU🇪🇺

Follow the speech LIVE 👉