E-commerce Policy and Management Platform Connecting China and Europe

An official platform to provide Chinese associations, government institutions, organizations and enterprises more relevant information about European E-commerce policies and regulations. A starting point to learn more about the practical implications of these policies and regulations on individual countries within Europe. The platform will assist you in understanding the European market.


1. Understanding

Your current situation

Determine the start of your journey to Europe by testing your knowledge. Our platform will provide the basic insights required for you to find the way.


2. Preparing

Your expansion needs

A successful business venture to Europe starts with access to relevant intelligence. Our expertise will help you bring your business to the next level.


3. Developing

Your network for expansion

How you enter Europe and establish your network will determine your success. We help you connect with the right stakeholders to make sure you have the right foundation.


4. Strengthening

Your influence in public affairs 

How you choose to conduct and integrate your business in Europe wll determine your influence in public affairs. We help you align with policy and public-private initiatives to advance your business interests.