Sino-EU E-commerce Policy & Service Platform is ready!

China’s epidemic situation is getting under control. Companies are restarting their work and people are adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Now with the situation worsening in Europe, it will be even more important to stay up to date about relevant policies and changes.

Dr2 Consultants is committed to build the bridge of communication between China and EU providing relevant policy information, with a professional analysis on how this can impact enterprises. In order to help Chinese enterprises understand European e-commerce policies, the changes and the different national environments, we have invested in an E-commerce information and service platform. It facilitates enterprises to obtain the relevant information for their business when doing cross-border business. We are excited to present our ‘Sino-EU E-commerce Policy & Service Platform’!

For those who would like to pre-register now, we can provide a 3-month basic membership package for the first 50 registered members! You can enjoy:

  • Light reports for free
  • Monthly newsletter on European ecommerce policies
  • Event news related to European ecommerce policies


Sino – EU E-commerce Policy and Service Platform is the first “one-stop” platform in its kind to provide European ecommerce policies monitoring, consultancy services, and research for Chinese enterprises. Partnering through our trusted European Dr2 network with Ecommerce Foundation, Internet Retailing / RetailX, educational institutions, law firms, and many more, we are able to provide the best up to date information and service.

What we do:

Through the “Belt & Road Initiative”, cross-border ecommerce is now becoming a new online “Silk Road”. The cross-border ecommerce market is growing rapidly nowadays and with the current virus situation it will become increasingly important. Europe has become the biggest cross-border ecommerce market besides America.

As a bridge between China and the EU, the platform supports Chinese ecommerce companies to understand European ecommerce policies and explore European markets. Together with Dr2 Consultants Shanghai, the information platform facilitates trade between China and Europe through results driven advisory.

Four steps:

Following the four phases – knowledge, preparation, exploration, and consolidation – for a Chinese company entering the European market, our information platform provides the relevant information and services.

  1. E-commerce policies monitoring, reports and whitepapers are available, which will allow access to the latest and most accurate news.
  2. When entering the European market, the information platform will help to advise you on practical business considerations such as having a global ecommerce trustmark (Safe.Shop) and scamadvisor ratings etc.
  3. The information platform supports you in arranging local and regional activities, customized advise on exploration trips can be provided so that you can experience the local business environment. Additionally, many professional services can be provided such as public affairs, competitors research, marketing strategies etc.
  4. The platform can also provide support to established businesses in Europe from China. Ongoing match-making & opportunity seeking activities, contacting & managing potential customers, etc.

We invite you to our ‘Sino-EU E-commerce Policy & Service Platform’ :

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