Study Trip: Exploring Digital China

Do you want to experience the future of digital in real life? Join Dr2, Xebia – a leading IT Consultancy firm – and a group of ambitious Digital Innovators from various companies on a study trip to China from March, 16 till 23, 2019!

The Experience

China, a vast country, full of contrasts. China developed in the past 30 years from a poor, agricultural economy to a digital economy. And China today may well be the best and biggest example of innovation in the area of digital (social, sales, security).

China is clearly a dominant global player. And with Digital they can move even faster, more forceful and financially super strong.

Chinese digital leaders are absolutely world class in terms of smart data, smart commerce and smart platforms.

For many companies their biggest future competitor may not come from the west but from the east. So there is ample reason to try to fully understand the power of Chinese Giants and of the innovative culture of Chinese start ups and scale ups.

The Expedition

March 2019, Dr2 and Xebia are organizing a tour to China to experience this fast growing country and a number of their most important current and future companies first hand. We will tour economic centers like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.

The plan

We will visit the largest company in the world: ICBC, a seemingly traditional bank. A bank with a balance total equal to the GDP of Germany.

We will visit PingAn, a conservative insurance company who transformed in  the world’s largest and most valuable insurer.

We will visit the Chinese Digital Giants like Wechat & Wechat Pay (Tencent):
1 B Users and Taobao & Tmall (Alibaba): 1 billion products offered.

We will visit the unmanned store of (a company which is opening 1000 shops each week).

We will also look at the ‘’Sharing’’ economy which is booming in China. We will visit Mobike (2 years old, 10 million bicycles) and Didi (who has beaten Uber in China).

We will visit western companies which have been highly successful in leveraging the digital & distribution models in China (e.g. Nike).

But we will also visit small super innovative, very promising scale ups to understand where this incredible innovation power originates.

Estimated cost: 8750 Euro.