Market Research

A successful business venture starts with access to relevant intelligence. Our strategic insights help you make the sustainable choices.

We want to learn all about your ambitions and what drives you in your Sino-European business. From there we combine qualitative and quantitative research with our own network and expertise to identify opportunities that suit your needs, as well as to pinpoint potential challenges that require your attention. Because of our deeply rooted networks in both government and business Dr2 Consultants can provide you with guidance to navigate complex markets and differing local circumstances on your route to success. Market research products we offer include:

  • Policy monitoring and analysis
  • Advise on rules & regulations
  • Market research reports
  • Study/exploration trips

Opportunity Creation

Leveraging our network will bring your business to the next level. We connect you with sustainable business partners and high-potential clients.

Dr2 Consultants has a broad, high-quality network in business and government in both China and Europe. Through our many years of working with associations, governments, and multinational companies, our advisors can open doors which otherwise would remain closed. Our expertise in international business relations allows us to create new business opportunities and long-lasting partnerships on which you can build your success.

  • Commercial representation
  • Local partner search
  • Partner and/or client relations
  • Grants & financing

Public Affairs

To us, public affairs is more than political advocacy. Dr2 Consultants helps you align with policy and public-private initiatives to advance your sustainable business interests.

Government plays a crucial role in doing business in both China and Europe. Insider policy knowledge and cooperation with other stakeholders often are the key to success in these markets. We strategically represent your interests towards the right channels in public administration, so you can benefit quickly and efficiently from opportunities for public-private cooperation.

  • Stakeholder management
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Access to public finance
  • Governmental relations